Should You Spring For Certified Pre-Owned?

Searching for a car has become unusually frustrating over the past few years as demand and supply have twisted car-buying into a very expensive process. New cars now cost enough to make more people than usual look for a used (or pre-owned) car instead. That's often a great way to get a good car for a lower price, but it does take more research. Many dealerships now offer certified pre-owned cars in addition to regular used cars, and deciding which type you're going to look at is the first in a number of important decisions you have to make.

3 Tips For Buying The Perfect Used Bus

More and more people are taking advantage of remote employment opportunities and hitting the open road. Converting a used bus into a skoolie that can be your home while you are traveling can be an affordable way to begin your modern nomad lifestyle. The key to starting your new life on the right foot is investing in a quality used bus. Here are three tips that you can use to evaluate used buses in your area and determine which will best meet your long-term needs.