3 Tips For Buying The Perfect Used Bus

More and more people are taking advantage of remote employment opportunities and hitting the open road.

Converting a used bus into a skoolie that can be your home while you are traveling can be an affordable way to begin your modern nomad lifestyle.

The key to starting your new life on the right foot is investing in a quality used bus. Here are three tips that you can use to evaluate used buses in your area and determine which will best meet your long-term needs.

1. Engine Strength

Just as passenger vehicles come with a variety of engines, used buses can have varying engines as well. You must consider the type of terrain you plan to navigate before investing in a used bus so that you will get a unit with enough power.

If you plan to spend time traveling in rural or mountainous areas, a bus with a diesel engine is a good idea. Diesel engines are capable of generating more power than their gasoline counterparts. If you are planning to stick to mostly freeways and developed roads, a gas-powered bus should suffice.

Take your time when evaluating the engine in a used bus to ensure it will be powerful enough to get you where you want to be.

2. Body Condition

Always take your time when inspecting the body of a used bus. Pay close attention to the condition of the exterior. You want to avoid buying a bus that shows any signs of surface rust or has a lot of dents and dings. Exterior body damage will need to be repaired in order to make your finished skoolie safe to drive over long distances.

The inside of the bus will be completely renovated as you transform it into a mobile living space, so the condition of the interior is of less concern.

Find a used bus with the best body condition in your price range.

3. Engine Location

The location of the engine in a used bus can impact the comfort of your finished skoolie.

Flat-front buses will usually have the engine installed next to the driver's seat. A bus engine can generate a lot of heat while in operation. If the engine is near the driver's seat, you could find that your skoolie becomes unbearably hot when traveling long distances.

A used bus with a rear-mounted engine or an engine that is installed outside the cab will be a better fit when it comes to your long-term comfort.

Visit an auto dealer to find used buses for sale today.