Three Fun Ways To Personalize And Create Memories With Your First Car -- Even If It's Not The Fanciest

Over the last few years, you've probably dreamed of the day when you'd get to pick out your first car. Most likely, you visualized driving off the lot with a brand new, shiny car with all of the latest gadgets and features. But now that you have finally earned your license and learned how much car ownership costs, the car you actually ended up with has been around the block more than a few times. That does not mean you can't enjoy it just as much as you would have enjoyed a shiny new car. Here are three ways to personalize your used car and create plenty of memories along the way.

Add color (and words) to the interior.

Make the interior of your used car look like your own personal space -- because it is! Choose your favorite color (or three) and purchase colorful mats, seat covers, and a steering wheel cover. If you want to go even more personal, you can purchase some metallic fabric markers and let your friends write their favorite song lyrics or personalized messages on the seat covers. Every time you all pile into your car to head to the movie theater or beach, you can add new some new words or designs. After a few years, you'll have a whole collection of memories represented in your first car.

Give it a name.

It might seem like an outdated idea your mother would have at first, but giving your car a name can go a long way towards helping it feel like your own. When you name something, you become more closely connected to it. Consider naming it after your favorite lead singer, an artist you adore, or perhaps even your secret crush. Your friends will soon start referring to your car by its name, too, and it will feel like a part of your community.

Purchase vanity plates.

If vanity plates (the kind that have words as the license plate number) are legal in your state, drive down to the DMV and order yourself a set. Just make sure the words you choose are not something you'll grow tired of or begin despising in a few years, as vanity plates can be a bit pricey. Avoid putting your real name on the car, too, as this may invite mischief.

With a colorful, customized interior, vanity plates, and a name you love, your used car will quickly become an adored part of your life -- even if it does not have the most up-to-date speaker system or heated seats. For more help with used cars, contact a business like Miracle Mile Motors.