3 Vehicles That Can Benefit Your Bug Out Plan

Creating a bug out plan is a crucial part of any disaster plan; however, a bug out plan is also going to require a suitable vehicle in order to be effective, such as a truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Below are some facts about each one that may help you decide which is best for your plan.


A truck is one of the most popular options when it comes to preparing a bug out plan, and with good reason. A truck is a vehicle that is extremely rugged and durable, which means that it is less likely to break down in the middle of your bug out plan and leave you stranded miles away from safety. Trucks are so durable because they are designed to be used by people who work in industries that can be quite hard on vehicles, such as construction.

Since your bug out vehicle is also going to have to carry the supplies that you will need to wait out the disaster, you are going to need a lot of space. Thankfully, it is hard to get more cargo space in a personal vehicle than you have in a truck.


An SUV is also a very popular bug out vehicle choice, mostly because a lot of the available SUVs on the market are very capable of going off-road with ease. These vehicles will often incorporate features that can make it less likely that you will get stuck if you go off-road, such as locking differentials and four-wheel drive.

While an SUV will usually not be able to carry as much cargo as most trucks, it will provide much more than most cars. In addition, the SUV will carry all of your bug out supplies within the vehicle which will protect them from rain and other weather conditions.


Finally, a motorcycle is a great bug out vehicle option if your bug out plan only consists of getting yourself out town. The main reason that this vehicle is a good choice is that motorcycles are quite versatile and flexible.

For example, if you buy an adventure bike, you will have a bike that has quite a bit more storage space than other motorcycles and is capable of handling a lot of different terrain types. It also doesn't hurt that a lot of motorcycles get far better fuel economy than most other vehicles so you can ensure that you don't burn through your fuel supplies too quickly.

Drop by your local vehicle dealership today in order to browse their selection of potential bug out vehicles. You should consider a motorcycle for its versatility and fuel economy. Trucks can provide you with a lot of cargo space and reliability, while an SUV is a good choice is you want your cargo protected from the elements or off-road capability.